• XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment

XVape V-One 2.0 Kit Pen with Bubbler Attachment Selling Points: Dual Quartz Rod Coil Spill Proof Bubbler Double Air Flow With Metal Mouthpiece Two Temperature Settings Magnetic Carb Cap Micro USB Charging Whole Stainless Steel Body Rig and Pen Style 2-in-1 What's in the box: 1*XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 PEN 1*Extra Heating Element 1*USB Cable 1*Glass Bubbler MP 4*O Rings 1*Packing Tool(Dab tool) 1*Magnetic Base 1*Manual How to use: 1.Charge your XVAPE V-ONE 2.0 using the enclosed cable. 2.When using the stainless steel mouthpiece, remove the stainless steel mouthpiece, exposing the heating coil. Use the dab tool to put a small amount of concentrate into the heating element, then put the mouthpiece back onto the base. When using the glass bubbler attachment, take the glass bubbler mouthpiece out from package box, then put on the atomizer base and cover the heating.Use the dab tool to place s small amount of concentrate onto the heating coil, then put the carb cap back on to the glass bubbler. 3.Click the button 5 times in quick succession to turn V-ONE 2.0 on. The LED light will flash 3 times indicating the unit is on. Press and hold the button, then inhale slowly and deeply from the mouthpiece. 4.The V-ONE 2.0 has 2 different temperature, press the button 3 times to toggle between the two temperature settings. (Green light: High Red light: Low)

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XVape V-One 2.0 Kit - Pen w/ Bubbler Attachment

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